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29th-Jun-2008 09:56 pm - pregnancy calendar
I’m new to this community, my husband and I have just started TTC.

I’m looking for a pregnancy calendar. Not a journal where I have to write a bunch of stuff … but a calendar that comes with fun stickers like “pregnancy confirmed!” “told grandparents!” “first appointment”, etc. I’d like to buy this ASAP so I have it when I get pregnant.

Do you have any suggestions? My local bookstore didn’t have anything like this.


27th-Jun-2008 12:39 pm - Paranoid
I know I just joined this morning, but I needed to get something out and have everyone tell me I'm just being paranoid. I started using OPKs this month. I know I'm not due to ovulate until somewhere around July 3rd, but everytime I test and get a negative LH surge, I start thinking "omg I'm not going to ever ovulate. OH NOES!"

Also, I'm a smoker in the process of quitting. I'm down to one every few days, but that was mostly because I was around smokers at work. I'm a social smoker. But now everytime I have one, my mind says, "That cigarette just killed your egg this month!"  Now, I've only got one more day left at work before I quit (long story), so I won't be around smokers anymore and hopefully I won't having any cravings because I do really well on days that I'm off.

One last thing, what all have you guys tried to boost fertility? I read some where that green tea helps, but then in another article I read that you should not drink green tea if TTC, so I'm le confused. :(

Sorry, I'm needy!

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27th-Jun-2008 06:09 am - An Introduction
Hello, my name's Dora! My husband and I are stationed in Japan. He is Air Force. We've been TTC since May this year. :) So, far . . . well, I never thought I would lose my mind! Ha! Note: See Userpic. :D

23rd-Jun-2008 12:47 pm(no subject)
Name and age: Holly, 18

Occupation:  Secretary, Housekeeper(on the weekends), student(part time)

Pets: 3 cats, and a puppy

How long have you been TTC: Started trying in Feb. 2008

What methods do you use to track your fertility: CM, I was using OPK until I realized I wasn't even ovulating and I was wasting money.

Any Basic Fertility Enhancers (specialty vitamins, lubricants, etc.): Pre-seed, Vitex to try to level out my hormoes so I will ovulate, Prenatal vitamines, and trying to lose the extra 30 pounds I put on in the last 6 months.

Any Prescribed Fertility Medications: No, trying to avoind that for a little while.  Plus dr's aren't very happy to help someone my age.

Fertility Issues/Fears: I'm worried I won't start ovulating and I won't be able to start my family when I want to.  I know I have plenty of time, but I'm just ready.  We want a big family and we are ready to start it now.  

Birth Method: vaginal

Names, or Names-to-Be: Kelly Nicole Melton for a girl, Steven for a boy but not sure of a middle name.

Will you be a Working or Stay-at-Home parent: Stay at home mom but working until the baby gets ready to come so we will have some extra money

Breast or Bottle-Fed: Breast.

Cloth or Disposable Diapers: cloth

Boy or Girl: doesn't matter to me.
22nd-Jun-2008 11:13 am(no subject)
Name and age: Elly, 19

Occupation: Woolworths Manager

Pets: 2 cats

How long have you been TTC: since January 2008.

What methods do you use to track your fertility: CM, thats all i really use, although i do count the whole 14 days or whatever it is, but usually i know when im ovulating.

Any Basic Fertility Enhancers (specialty vitamins, lubricants, etc.): Nope.

Any Prescribed Fertility Medications: No.

Fertility Issues/Fears: none really, except im a little worried that my diabetes could stop me getting pregnant, i know people have diabetes and they concieve but its just a little itch at the back of my mind.

Birth Method: vaginal.

Names, or Names-to-Be: i like kye for a boy, and kadee, or madi for a girl

Will you be a Working or Stay-at-Home parent: SAM for as long as possible but I will be going back to work.

Breast or Bottle-Fed: Breast.

Cloth or Disposable Diapers: Disposable

Boy or Girl: just a healthy one will be my priority
17th-Jun-2008 09:08 pm(no subject)
So for those of you who have had or are pregnant with babies i was wondering if any of you got cramps before you found out. A little like period cramping but for me it feels different. I am only 2 or 3 days past my miss period day so I could still have my period (crosses fingers i don't) but I was wondering if cramping is a side effect for anyone?
22nd-May-2008 05:26 pm - intro
Name and age: Brittany- 28

Occupation: preschool teacher

Pets: cat- Tiger. teacup yorkie- Martini

How long have you been TTC: since February 2008

What methods do you use to track your fertility: i have been keeping track of my temperatre and CM.

Any Basic Fertility Enhancers (specialty vitamins, lubricants, etc.): Nope

Any Prescribed Fertility Medications: No

Fertility Issues/Fears: i think i am ok. [knock on wood] this would be my 2nd child and my husband's first child even though he considers my daughter his own. i think we just have had awful timing with this traveling for work this year.

Birth Method: vaginal.

Names, or Names-to-Be: i dont want to say.

Will you be a Working or Stay-at-Home parent: stay-at-home.

Breast or Bottle-Fed: Breast

Cloth or Disposable Diapers: Disposable

Boy or Girl: im more concerned with having a healthy baby but deep down, i prefer a girl.
22nd-May-2008 10:06 am - High Hopes
OK, I know I said I would not get my hopes up, but I can’t help wondering.  Who wouldn’t in my shoes.  For those of you out there who have been pregnant already or who are pregnant right now, I have a few questions.  Besides a positive pregnancy test, how do you know if you are pregnant?  Do you feel any different, does anything happen with your body?  I am feeling pressure in my stomach, but it is not cramps, it is not painful at all.  It just feels weird.  My boobs feel a little bit swollen, but they get that way when I get my period, so that means nothing.  I got a few pimples last week, but that is usually a sign that my period is coming.  I’d like to think that my body would give me some kind of signs.  I am not feeling nauseous at all.  My period was due yesterday and I haven’t gotten it yet.  Last month I was a week late getting my period, so I can’t tell what is going on with me.  I am leaving on Sunday on vacation, so I really don’t want to be a week late again, for obvious reasons.  Of course, I wouldn’t mind being pregnant, that is the whole point here.  Please share your early pregnancy symptoms with me.  Thanks.
21st-May-2008 04:47 pm - Due Day
So...my period is due today, I don’t think I am feeling any period symptoms.  I don’t want to get my hopes up because last month I was exactly a week late.  So keep your fingers crossed for me!

More details in my latest journal entry.
14th-Apr-2008 12:53 pm - Anxious

I am getting so anxious, my period is due tomorrow, and I am trying to read all of my bodys signals. My boobs usually hurt so bad before my period and they hurt for a couple days and then just stopped, I have been having cramps on and off, I have been tired, actually I just woke up from a nap. My temp is at 98.9, and my cervix is very high and soft, almost so high I cant reach it. Maybe I am just getting to excited about every little thing. I hope AF dosnt come !!!
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