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Trying to Conceive
new to this community, ttc for 3 years... NHS doing my head in!!! 
10th-Oct-2011 08:10 pm

I used to come on LJ linked to an eating disorder I had years ago - I've been recovered for many years.... I'm hoping this community is as supportive!  we've been ttc for years... had one mc in 2009 only got to 8 weeks... I've had all the different tests done and everything comes back normal, husbands count first came back low second fine... At our last Hospital appointment we didn't see the consultant just another dr... the Dr we saw just kept saying don't worry, just relax, there is no reason why it's not happening! She gave me Chlomid (50mgs) for 3 months, she said stop all the ovulation packs etc and relax, if not pregnant after 3 months phone the hospital on day 1 of cycle and get another 3 months... well Day 1 of 4th cycle I tried phoning and the consultants secretary - no one there, today is day 4 and I got through to the consulants secretary and she didn't know why I only got 3 months supply, no tests were organised while taking chlomid, and she asked if i had been doing the o tests, when I said no, I felt like an idiot, I've been tracking temp, but she said its too late to get another prescription for this cycle so I have no choice but take a months break and another Dr will phone me... Even though on Chlomid my cycle is still around 26 days... just feel like I've lost faith in them.... 3 friends have had a baby in the last week and I'm just finding it so hard!!!  So wanting to cry and really not having any friends that understand... 

Our NHS dont do any free IVF cycles.... ahhhhhh! 

Hoping to find some people on here in the same position

15th-Apr-2014 08:19 pm (UTC)
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