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Trying to Conceive
4th-Jul-2008 01:52 am
live laughl ove
Name and age: MaryBeth, 19

Occupation: student

Pets: 4 dogs,2 cats and a rat

How long have you been TTC: Since Feb 08

What methods do you use to track your fertility: calander

Any Basic Fertility Enhancers (specialty vitamins, lubricants, etc.):no.

Any Prescribed Fertility Medications: No

Fertility Issues/Fears: I was born closd up down "there" and I'm afraid it will have an effect on me trying to get pregnant.

Birth Method: vaginal

Names, or Names-to-Be: havent decided yet,but I like Daisy Mae and Dominick

Will you be a Working or Stay-at-Home parent: Stay at home mom

Breast or Bottle-Fed: bottle

Cloth or Disposable Diapers: disosable

Boy or Girl: doesn't matter to me.
18th-Dec-2008 04:01 pm (UTC)
i have that same engagement ring! where did he get it?!
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