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Trying to Conceive
HI:) I'm new.... 
1st-Jul-2008 02:29 pm
Name and age: Luce,25.

Occupation: revenue specialist.

Pets: 1 cat 3 dogs

How long have you been TTC: technically since october 2007, but we stopped actively trying for a few months and just started back up again last month.

What methods do you use to track your fertility: CM,BBT,cervical position

Any Basic Fertility Enhancers (specialty vitamins, lubricants, etc.): Nope.

Any Prescribed Fertility Medications: i was taking metformin for my insulin issues (i ahve PCOS) and they were hoping the metformin would help me concieve too, but theyve since taken me off of it.

Fertility Issues/Fears: I ahve PCOS so im just really afraid ill never be able to have any children.

Birth Method: vaginal.

Names, or Names-to-Be: not sure

Will you be a Working or Stay-at-Home parent: working parent unless i win the lottery

Breast or Bottle-Fed: Breast.

Cloth or Disposable Diapers: Disposable

Boy or Girl: im more concerned with having a healthy baby but id love to have a boy.....
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