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I used to come on LJ linked to an eating disorder I had years ago - I've been recovered for many years.... I'm hoping this community is as supportive!  we've been ttc for years... had one mc in 2009 only got to 8 weeks... I've had all the different tests done and everything comes back normal, husbands count first came back low second fine... At our last Hospital appointment we didn't see the consultant just another dr... the Dr we saw just kept saying don't worry, just relax, there is no reason why it's not happening! She gave me Chlomid (50mgs) for 3 months, she said stop all the ovulation packs etc and relax, if not pregnant after 3 months phone the hospital on day 1 of cycle and get another 3 months... well Day 1 of 4th cycle I tried phoning and the consultants secretary - no one there, today is day 4 and I got through to the consulants secretary and she didn't know why I only got 3 months supply, no tests were organised while taking chlomid, and she asked if i had been doing the o tests, when I said no, I felt like an idiot, I've been tracking temp, but she said its too late to get another prescription for this cycle so I have no choice but take a months break and another Dr will phone me... Even though on Chlomid my cycle is still around 26 days... just feel like I've lost faith in them.... 3 friends have had a baby in the last week and I'm just finding it so hard!!!  So wanting to cry and really not having any friends that understand... 

Our NHS dont do any free IVF cycles.... ahhhhhh! 

Hoping to find some people on here in the same position

24th-Mar-2009 05:42 pm - Clomid question!

Hi, I have PCOS and I just met my new RE today for the next step in finally getting pregnant after 2 years. He wants to put me on Clomid again... I did it with my OB/GYN but she didn't even give me ultra sounds to see if I ovulated and never even examined me after 3 cycles. Anyway.. he is really big on me losing weight and I am going to really try. But he wants to try clomid next month and is going to give me 3 ulta sounds each cycle with the shot in the middle of my cycle. I am really excited about this. So my question is for us big beautiful girls out there, how was your luck getting pregnant on clomid and how was your experience with it? He is starting me off on 100 mg this first cycle. And I'm already on 2000 mg of metofrmin daily.

Thanks in advance!   :)

18th-Dec-2008 10:54 am - impatient!
I literally take an hcg test every day! it's ridiculous i need to wait a few days. anyone else struggle with wanting to know so badly you forget that hcg doesnt show up the morning after you ttc!? hahaha laughing at myself!
17th-Dec-2008 02:53 pm(no subject)
Name and age: Dana 22

Occupation: Medical Assistant and Medical Massage Student

Pets: 2 cats 1 hamster

How long have you been TTC: This past Sunday December 14, 2008

What methods do you use to track your fertility: nothing, i'm very irregular

Any Basic Fertility Enhancers (specialty vitamins, lubricants, etc.): Nope

Any Prescribed Fertility Medications: nope

Fertility Issues/Fears: I am extreemly irregular and my hormones are out of control.

Birth Method: vaginal

Names, or Names-to-Be: They aren't set in stone but...Boy: David Augustine Girl: Eden Clare

Will you be a Working or Stay-at-Home parent: working part time making my own schedule

Breast or Bottle-Fed: Breast

Cloth or Disposable Diapers: Hopefully mostly cloth

Boy or Girl: I go back and forth, either is fantastic
7th-Sep-2008 09:50 am - New kid on the block.
[Cross-posted all over the place]

About moi~Collapse )
I have some big fertility fears.

Last October I bled for two months straight before being put on Norethisterone to stop the bleeding.

Then in April I bled for two weeks before Norethisterone.

Aaand then recently I bled for three weeks, more Norethisterone.

No 'normal' periods during this time. They are few and far-between, and crazy.

I got a blood test and it showed to be completely normal. I am now waiting for a trans-vaginal scan appointment.

I was convinced that they would be testing for ovarian cysts, but after speaking to my Doctor - it turns out that no, they'll be testing for fibroids.

I am absolutely terrified of being infertile. My fiance and I plan to TTC in the next couple of years, but that'll be so difficult with these insane periods and I don't know if I'll even be fertile or not.

Anyone have experience with fibroids or have any advice..?

24th-Aug-2008 02:14 am - Questions and Help Please!
women, history
I was wondering if anyone had miscarried before having a child. If so, when did you miscarry? (How many weeks into the pregnancy?)

The reason I ask is I think that I may have miscarried. I started birth control about 4 weeks ago (i'm on my last line of pills and there are only two left.) The week before my hubby and I fooled around a lot. I have PCOS so I was waiting to see the Gynocologist the last week of July. I had been nausious teh week before and the weeks following, but instead of doing a pap smear and my annual, she just talked to me. I had been too three different Gynos in teh past 3 yers and for four months prior to my visit I had been bleeding (on my period). So, she said that instead of doing an exam and risking abnormal results tha she would prescribe me bc to regulate my period and to come back in a month and she would do an exam then. She presribed me YAZ. At first I thought that it was the YAZ making me sick (I haven't been on birth control since August 2006). Well today (if you are squeemish or get disgusted easily do not read any further.), I noticed clots on my pad (I usually wear tampons, but they were causing me to cramp and causing intense pain). It's normal for me to have clots of blood when I'm on my period, but I noticed that there was a small bit of grey (like a small umbilical cord.) No longer then an inch. There was also some white particals in the blood clot as well. It was like a mucus. IF I was pregnant, I would be between 1-5 weeks pregnant. I'm just looking for advice. I was suppose to go to the doctor on Thursday, but had to reschedule due to the fact that I have no ride to the doctor. I'm rescheduling for a few weeks from Thursday. I'm just worried. I'm cramping constantly (but that's normal for me with my PCOS) but my cramps are causing pain in my back. Today it was so bad that I crawled up in my bed and just laid there for 30 minutes. I took 3 IB Prophens, but it didn't ease the pain, and pamprine isn't working either (and it usually does the trick!) I'm just freaking out and need some advice and reassurance. My husband and I desperately want children. And I'm scared that this could have been our chance and that some how I screwed up and miscarried!
19th-Aug-2008 12:23 pm - So mad!
So I am on my third round of clomid, at the end of every month I am suppose to call my Dr's office and tell them if I had a period or not, (I have never ovulated on clomid, so no period). I am told to go take a blood test, just to cancel pregnancy out, and than we start another round of Clomid. Well so far two months have been good. I call the Nurses's desk and in about a day I get a call back. Well this month has been so frusturating. I decided this round not to take a hpt, I just want a 100% answer w/ a blood test (I have gotten two false positives). Anyway I have been calling my Dr's office for OVER A WEEK. No call back, no anything. I am leaving messages EVERYDAY. I even called the front desk where you schedule appointments and left a message with her and still nothing. I do not know what to do, this is the Dr I have done so many test with, almost year with her, using Clomid from her and I can not even get a call back. I have no idea what to do. I am just so mad!! 
9th-Jul-2008 01:46 am - hi, i'm new :)
Name and age: FragileM, 26

Occupation: -

Pets: cat

How long have you been TTC: since may2006

What methods do you use to track your fertility: fertility tester, ovulation tests

Any Basic Fertility Enhancers (specialty vitamins, lubricants, etc.):will be using pre-seed soon, i think.

Any Prescribed Fertility Medications: Clomifene, Provera

Fertility Issues/Fears: in some weird way, i've also known there would be a problem. i've been through a laparoscopy, nothing wrong. doctors think that i dont ovulate regulary, and therefore gets maybe 2-3 chances a year to conceive.. and no-one knows excactly WHEN those chances are... :(

Birth Method: -

Names, or Names-to-Be: havent decided

Will you be a Working or Stay-at-Home parent: Stay at home

Breast or Bottle-Fed: breast, if i can

Cloth or Disposable Diapers: disposable

Boy or Girl: doesn't matter
4th-Jul-2008 01:52 am - New
live laughl ove
Name and age: MaryBeth, 19

Occupation: student

Pets: 4 dogs,2 cats and a rat

How long have you been TTC: Since Feb 08

What methods do you use to track your fertility: calander

Any Basic Fertility Enhancers (specialty vitamins, lubricants, etc.):no.

Any Prescribed Fertility Medications: No

Fertility Issues/Fears: I was born closd up down "there" and I'm afraid it will have an effect on me trying to get pregnant.

Birth Method: vaginal

Names, or Names-to-Be: havent decided yet,but I like Daisy Mae and Dominick

Will you be a Working or Stay-at-Home parent: Stay at home mom

Breast or Bottle-Fed: bottle

Cloth or Disposable Diapers: disosable

Boy or Girl: doesn't matter to me.
1st-Jul-2008 02:29 pm - HI:) I'm new....
Name and age: Luce,25.

Occupation: revenue specialist.

Pets: 1 cat 3 dogs

How long have you been TTC: technically since october 2007, but we stopped actively trying for a few months and just started back up again last month.

What methods do you use to track your fertility: CM,BBT,cervical position

Any Basic Fertility Enhancers (specialty vitamins, lubricants, etc.): Nope.

Any Prescribed Fertility Medications: i was taking metformin for my insulin issues (i ahve PCOS) and they were hoping the metformin would help me concieve too, but theyve since taken me off of it.

Fertility Issues/Fears: I ahve PCOS so im just really afraid ill never be able to have any children.

Birth Method: vaginal.

Names, or Names-to-Be: not sure

Will you be a Working or Stay-at-Home parent: working parent unless i win the lottery

Breast or Bottle-Fed: Breast.

Cloth or Disposable Diapers: Disposable

Boy or Girl: im more concerned with having a healthy baby but id love to have a boy.....
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